Connecvtivity Options for Commuters Between Aqua Line and Blue Line

Noida, May 28, 2019

Noida Metro Rail Corporation’s (NMRC) Aqua Line and Delhi Metro Rail Corporation’s (DMRC) Blue Line cater to a large number of commuters in Noida and Greater Noida and vice versa who have to travel daily to Delhi for work and other purposes. Both the corridors do not have a direct link at the moment, but there are a number of options available for commuters that provide a link between both these corridors for the convenience of the commuters.

NMRC’s Feeder buses are running a total of 11 routes from Aqua Line Metro stations connecting major residential areas, educational institutions, hospitals, government / private offices, etc. Out of these 11 routes, 06 routes are running from Botanical Garden Metro Station (DMRC’s Blue/Magenta Line) providing connectivity to Aqua Line. These routes are as follows:

7.Route No. 317 (Botanical Garden Bus Stop to Sector 142 Metro Station) – This Feeder Route provides connectivity to Sector 142 and Sector 137 Metro stations of the Aqua Line with DMRC’s stations of the Blue and Magenta Line located at Noida Sector 18, Okhla Bird Sanctuary and Botanical Garden Metro Station.

8.Route No. 103A (Botanical Garden Bus Stop to NMRC Depot Metro Station) – This Feeder Bus Route provides connectivity to Depot Metro station, GNIDA, Alpha 1, Pari Chowk, Knowledge Park II and Sector 142 Metro stations of the Aqua Line with Botanical Garden Metro Station of DMRC’s Blue / Magenta Line.

9.Route No. 103B (Botanical Garden Bus Stop to Greater Noida Authority) – This route provides connectivity to Pari Chowk and Knowledge Park II metro stations of Aqua Line with Botanical Garden Metro Station of DMRC’s Blue / Magenta Line.

10.Route No. 103C (Botanical Garden Bus Stop to Sharda University via Pari Chowk) - This route connects Pari Chowk and Knowledge Park II metro stations of Aqua Line with Botanical Garden Metro Station of DMRC’s Blue / Magenta Line.

11.Route No. 108 (Botanical Garden Bus Stop to GIMS) – DMRC’s Botanical Garden metro station gets directly connected with Aqua Line’s NSEZ and Pari Chowk metro stations with the help of this route.

12.Route No. 109 (Botanical Garden Bus Stop to Dadri Railway Station via Surajpur) – NSEZ Metro Station of Aqua Line and Botanical Garden Metro Station of DMRC’s Blue/Magenta Line get direct connectivity with this Feeder Bus Route.

NMRC is currently plying 50 buses on these 11 routes whose minimum and maximum fares are Rs, 11 and Rs. 53 respectively. The buses are available at a frequency of 30 minutes and ply from 7 AM to 10 PM.

Pathway between Sector 51 Metro Station of the Aqua Line and Sector 52 station of DMRC’s Blue Line –

NMRC introduced free E rickshaw services for the commuters of Aqua Line at Sector 51 Metro stations and Blue Line at Sector 52 station to interchange between the two networks. This service was introduced by NMRC on 9th March 2019 on the day of commencement of operation of DMRC’s Blue Line extension from Noida City Centre to Noida Electronic City. NMRC has deployed 10 E rickshaws (5 at each station) for this purpose. These E rickshaws carry passengers free of cost between the two stations on a dedicated pathway constructed by NMRC of around 300 mts. The pathway also has a pedestrian walkway for the convenience of commuters of both the corridors to interchange between both the networks.


The ridership of NMRC reached an all time high of 19, 413 on 27th May 2019 (Monday) with revenue figures also touching an all-time high of Rs. 5, 80 285/-. NMRC has been working tirelessly since the commencement of its operations on 26th January 2019 and has taken various measures to increase ridership. The most important reason behind increase in ridership is improved connectivity between Aqua Line and DMRC’s Blue Line stations. For this NMRC has taken the following measures

Sandhya Sharma
Deputy General Manager
Corporate Communications
Noida Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.