Statement Regarding M/S Ironman Strike : NMRC Issues Warning Letter, M/S Ironman Submits Unconditional Apology

Noida, May 22, 2019

It was reported today that the security staff deployed by M/s Ironman Security Services Pvt. Ltd. (ISSPL) at Noida Metro Rail Corporation’s (NMRC’s) metro stations for frisking of passengers went on a strike and refused to carry out frisking procedure at Noida Sector 81, Noida Sector 83, Noida Sector 101, NSEZ and Noida Sector 137 Metro stations of the Aqua Line between 6 AM and 8 AM today.

The staff of M/s ISSPL also reportedly abandoned their positions at the stations and left the station premises. This had caused a lot of inconvenience to the passengers as they could not enter the stations without the necessary security checks. Commuters were left stranded and had to resort to other modes of transportation to reach their destinations.

NMRC has taken up this matter very seriously and considering this incident as a lapse in security has asked M/s ISSPL to submit an explanation regarding this incident. NMRC has also urged for strict action against the erring employees of M/s ISSPL to avoid such incidents in future that compromise with the safety and security of the commuters of Aqua Line and the entire metro system. NMRC has also issued a warning letter to M/s ISSPL in this regard.

M/s ISSPL in response to NMRC’s warning has submitted an unconditional apology in which they have regretted the inconvenience and embarrassment caused to NMRC due to this incident. They have also assured that no employee of M/s ISSPL deployed in NMRC will ever go on strike

Since the key cause of the strike was non-payment of dues to the employees of M/s ISSPL, the organisation has certified that salaries of ISSPL deployed in staff will be disbursed by the 7th of every month.

The security of the Aqua Line stations is primarily under the Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC). M/s ISSPL is deployed for frisking and general security of the stations.

P. D. Upadhyay
Executive Director
N. M. R. C