NMRC to Save Rs. 4.37 Crores Annually Through Solar Power Generation

Noida, June 20, 2019

Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) is in the process of installing Rooftop Solar Panels on all its 21 stations including the Depot and power generation through these will help NMRC in saving approx. Rs. 4, 37 crores annually.

Currently, NMRC is purchasing power from Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd. (UPPCL) at Rs. 6.81 /- unit to meet its daily power requirements for running the system. The cost per unit once the energy is derived from the solar panels will be Rs. 3.25/- which will result in a direct saving of Rs. 3.56/- per unit.

The estimated annual power generation expected by NMRC through solar panels is 1, 22, 89, 754 KWh. The estimated solar capacity of the panels to be installed in the entire network including the depot is around 10.021 MWp out of which around 6.811 MWp will be from all the 21 stations and 2.5 MWp will be from the Depot.

Currently NMRC receives power supply from two Receiving Sub Stations (RSS) located at Sector 148 and Sector 83, each having a capacity of 6 MW to meet all the power requirements for running the entire metro system, including traction (power required to run the trains).

The power generation from solar panels will meet all the basic power requirements of NMRC stations and Depots like lighting, lifts and escalators, air conditioning, etc. All the power generated may not be consumed and the extra power will revert back to the grid instead of getting wasted. The saved solar power in the grid combined with the power from the RSS may be used for traction power supply.

NMRC has already installed Solar Panels on 09 stations out of 21 and has already energised 05 stations namely; Noida Sector 51, Noida Sector 50, Noida Sector 76, Knowledge Park – II and Pari Chowk. Apart from the stations, solar panels will also be installed in the Depot located at Greater Noida, the RCC Buildings of the Depot and the Parking lot of the Staff Quarters situated inside the Depot premises.

NMRC has given the contract of installing and energising the solar panels on all NMRC stations and the Depot to M/s Sukhbir Agro Energy Ltd and the target date for complete installation and energisation of the solar panels is September 2019. The agreement is based on the RESCO (Renewable Solar Company) Model in which the contractor will install, operate and maintain the solar panels for NMRC for a period of 25 years.

All the 21 stations of the Aqua Line have been awarded Green MRTS Platinum Rating under Elevated stations category by Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). NMRC has taken measures to adopt green building requirements & implemented green concepts in the design, construction & operation of this corridor.

All stations and the Depot have features like conservation of natural resources, ensuring water efficiency, adoption of renewable energy, management of waste and commuter health & comfort.

P. D. Upadhyay
Executive Director
N. M. R. C