NMRC proposes to augment Non-Farebox Revenues by offering unutilized/left over parking space in NMRC network to Food Truck Vendors

Noida, July 14, 2021

In order to Augment the Non-Farebox Revenues, NMRC has come up with an attractive idea of alternate and better use of vacant parking space in NMRC Network at various stations by offering the dedicated unused/left over Parking area at Stations to the Food Truck Vendors. This initiative shall also help NMRC boost its ridership through enhancement of aesthetic and public amenities at/in the vicinity of Metro Stations.

NMRC has issued an Expression of Interest (EOI) to call out applications from interested vendors.

The Mobile Food/Food Truck Service Vendor will pay NMRC a fixed license fee/rental fee to avail the designated space at parking area which shall be decided by NMRC. The minimum tentative space proposed to be provided for installation of each Food Truck is 25sqm and the maximum available space shall vary station wise. Total 15 stations have been offered for Food/Recreational/Utility Truck Facility under the EOI. Electricity shall be provided by NMRC at applicable commercial rate(s) to the vendor, however all installation and associated costs shall be borne by the vendor. Further arrangement for disposal of waste out of NMRC premises shall be done by the vendor.

The selection of the vendor shall be on H 1 quote basis i.e. the vendor who pays the highest license fee to NMRC will be selected by NMRC. The Selection for each location shall be done separately. To bid against the EOI, the applicant shall be required to deposit non-refundable bid processing fee of INR 10,000 along with requisite documents which also includes necessary licenses from various authorities as mentioned in the EOI.

The reserved license fee per month has been fixed at INR 600, 480 and 390 (excluding applicable taxes) depending on the Band category i.e. Band 1, Band 2, and Band 3 under which stations have been categorized. Out of total 15 stations offered for Food/Recreational/Utility Truck Facility, Two stations fall in Band 1 Category, Nine stations fall in Band 2 Category and Four stations fall in Band 3 Category.

Vendor shall be allowed to operate on Fixed Timings i.e. 9.00 AM to 10.30 PM every day.

The Complete details of EOI can be accessed from the website of NMRC i.e. www.nmrcnoida.com under the Tenders Tab. Last date of submitting expression of interest by the interested parties is 06.08.2021.