NMRC Records Ridership Crosses 20k Mark, Explores Non – Fare Box Revenue Options to Augment Revenue

Noida, June 04, 2019

The Noida Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. crossed the 20, 000 mark and recorded the highest ridership till date by carrying 20, 614 passengers on 03.06.2019 (Monday). The increase in frequency of trains to 7 minutes 30 seconds during peak hours and 10 minutes during non-peak hours which had been implemented from 03.06.2019 (Monday) is one of the major factors for the increase in ridership.

NMRC had increased the frequency of the Metro trains on the Aqua Line on weekdays i.e. Monday to Friday. Earlier the Aqua Line used to operate at a frequency of 10 minutes during peak hours and 15 minutes during non – peak hours on weekdays. On Saturdays and Sundays, the frequency was 15 minutes and will continue to remain the same.

Before this NMRC had achieved the highest ridership of 19, 413 in May 2019.

NMRC has been working tirelessly since the commencement of its operations on 26th January 2019 and has taken various measures to increase ridership. The most important reason behind increase in ridership is improved connectivity between Aqua Line and DMRC’s Blue Line stations with the help of dedicated pathway and e – rickshaw service between Sector 51 of Aqua Line and Sector 52 Metro Station of the Blue Line and providing improved feeder bus connectivity.

Besides, these measures, NMRC has also been interacting with Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs), Corporate Offices and Educational Institutions to take their suggestions and feedback to improve the services of the Aqua Line and the Feeder Buses. Based on the suggestions from these sectors, NMRC has also deployed E – rickshaws at the stations to provide last mile connectivity to commuters of the Aqua Line.

All these above measures have contributed to the increase in ridership of the Aqua Line.

Aqua Line commuters have three options to generate ticket and travel in the Metro. The first option is by using the Smart Card which also offers a 10% discount on every journey. The second option is by purchasing the QR code from the Customer Care counter and the third option is to generate the QR code by using the NMRC mobile app which can be downloaded for free.

Over the past few months, the sale of tickets through purchase of QR code and especially through the mobile app has increased considerably. This trend clearly shows that the commuters of the Aqua Line have given preference to these two ticketing options.


NMRC is also exploring non-fare box revenue sources to increase revenue and provide improved and better services to Aqua Line commuters.

NMRC has already stepped into co-branding and 5 stations have already been taken up by private parties under this. NMRC has also written to 33 Government Organisations, Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) and Nationalised Banks to submit bids to acquire co – branding rights of Aqua Line Metro stations.

NMRC has recently come out with another open tender for co-branding rights at 5 stations namely; Noida Sector -51, Noida Sector 50, Noida Sector 148, Delta I and GNIDA Office. Successful bidders shall have Co-Branding Rights at the selected Metro station. The Licensee will suffix/prefix the brand name with the Name of the station. The Licensee shall also be granted advertisement spaces/rights at the selected Metro Station to design, procure / manufacture, install, manage, operate, maintain, market and sell advertising opportunities.

Apart from co-branding, NMRC is also exploring other non-fare box revenue sources and has floated the tenders for the same.

One tender has been floated Licensing & commercial utilisation of Bare Space, City Bus Control Room (Built Up Space) & Advertisement space on ‘as is where is basis’ in the City Bus Parking at Botanical Garden. Successful Bidder shall have the rights to utilize the said Built Up space & Bare Space for any commercial purpose. Preferably the space may used for opening/operating of eateries, Gift corners, small kiosks, etc

Another tender for awarding of exclusive advertisement rights in Metro Trains of NMRC network has also been floated in which the parties can advertise inside the trains as well as outside in the form of train wrapping. The selected Bidder shall have exclusive rights to design, procure/manufacture, install, manage, operate, maintain, market and sell advertising opportunities in the Metro Trains.

These measures will not only help to augment NMRC’s non-fare box revenue, but will also help in positioning the Aqua Line Trains as a most sought-after destination for advertising. It will also contribute to the aesthetical view of the trains and stations through high quality advertising comparable to world class Airports & Metro Railways and other leading destinations. This will help in attracting new commuters, while at the same time provide an aesthetic and attractive travelling experience to the existing commuters.

P. D. Upadhyay
Executive Director
N. M. R. C